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Herbal Remedies for hirsutism

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    I just found this forum when searching for information about hirsutism. People were asking for herbal remedies and a reason for why they have hirsutism. I have hirsutism and have done some research on the subject. I have also taken herbs that have helped a lot.

    Hirsutism is caused by excess of androgens in the body of the woman. It can be caused by exposure to androgens in diet and environment. It can also be caused by excess stress which really affects the whole body not just your mind. It can also be caused by hypothyroidism which causes a host of other problems in the body. It can be accompanied by tumors or not.

    Hirsutism can cause social anxiety and mental distress because of how women, women’s body and ‘beauty’ are viewed in society.

    I have had hirsutism for the last 5-6 years. I am 31 at the moment so it’s definitely not a menapause or age related thing. At first it was minimal, and so I attributed it genetics. but about a couple of years ago, my hair started growing so profusely and rapidly that it scared the crap out of me. I did some research and took some herbs that literally slowed down and sometimes even stopped the growth. I also discovered that I had hypothyroidism which is part of the cause of the hirsutism. Also, intense mental stress, which had a lot to with my social and family environment and with traumatic experiences of childhood, caused my body to react the way it did.

    I still take the herbs because it takes time for the herbs to effect the system and heal it. I believe that the right medication, lifestyle, diet, environment, mindset, can all help to heal the disease.

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