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Dog epilepsy treatment

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    One-day early morning (approx. 4.15 AM) my dog vomited, which is not an issue, but suddenly he started making strange noises. I checked him and he was lying on his bed – legs on side with stiff body, foam from mouth, locked jaws most probably and did not respond to me. I am not sure about eyes, but I think they were either closed or fixed. I was too scared to check that. I kept calling his name and then he lifted his head after a few seconds and looked at me. After a minute or so he got up, drank a lot of water and became normal in a few minutes. The fit lasted for a few seconds or a minute.

    I checked with the vet and he said it could be epilepsy fit but did not prescribe any medicine and told me to wait and watch if there’s another fit then medication will start. His blood CBC was normal.

    A little background- He got anti rabies annual vaccination approx. 6 days before the fit.

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